The Bell’s Palsy Condition

He got irritated when he noticed that water is easily getting into his eyes when he was washing his face. He washed his mouth but water keeps spilling. He then consciously felt the numbness on the right side of his face. This is a recount of what a friend felt over his personal discovery of the Bell’s Palsy. In the past month, two people close to me were diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. I also knew very recently that an aunt and a cousin have also experienced this way back in the 80’s and have recovered. It is a condition that causes facial muscles to weaken and enter into a paralysis.[1] With the frequency of this event, at least for me, I started to research on how Bell’s Palsy starts and how it can be overcome.

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OFWs against the tides

I am trying my best to take the high road and brush-off the criticisms towards us OFWs, as we do not want people to put us down while we undergo hardships and make sacrifices for our loved ones in the Philippines. I however feel that the government biased policies, not-thought-of comments, and below-the-belt remarks have have come to a point of abuse. So I would like to give my personal take on the recent events to shed some light as to why the OFW population should not be looked-down-upon or treated with a grain of salt.

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Running and the demanding work life

The busy office desk job has brought about sedentary living among all of us who work nine-to-five (or more) daily. Our jobs have wrapped most of us in our own computer cocoon, leaving us with few opportunities to physically interact and move around while working. I, myself, am guilty of this deskbound living as I manage every aspect of development and operation of my company in the U.S. at daytime and in the Philippines at night time. I literally live in front of the computer.

I am certain that most people can relate to this need for movement and fitness since the verge of the Internet has made life very easy for us all – we shop online, we talk to friends through our social networks, we create service requests online, etc. Though these changes have brought the much-needed change for the rest of the world, one must always remember that these good things of technology and the Internet of things should not be an excuse to be careless of our health or be lazy in being mindful of our body.
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Work From Home (WFH): An Emerging Trend for Modern Professionals

I personally admire how our team at PyxPay, the company I work for, is able to function as a well-oiled engine despite distance and time difference. Our staff in the Philippines is composed of few office-based personnel and a majority of technical professionals who work at their respective home offices. The need to report and huddle seasonally brings the team together physically, but the coordination is done almost every hour or everyday without a miss. Technology indeed has worked its magic in bringing a team together, particularly in global companies such as ours.


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What OFWs miss about Filipino Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and this time brings a different kind of nostalgia for Filipinos who are based abroad, like myself. Being away from home for the past four Christmases in total, I would say, one can never be used to not celebrating the season Pinoy-style. In the Philippines, the holidays are a well-celebrated time, and Filipinos are always big on Christmas. It seems automatic for Filipinos to condition each other that the most awaited season of giving is at hand. Here are some reasons why:

  1. “-ber” months

Filipinos are overly conscious about the “-ber” months that start on September. You can hear almost everyone raving about how fast the months flew and it is already Christmas in September. Most shopping malls also start preparing for Christmas decorations in August to accommodate the September 1st welcome for the holidays. Local Christmas songs, such as those of Jose Mari Chan and old Filipino Christmas folk singers, are also played during these months.

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MP FB cover page

The Unwritten Journey to New York from the Pacific Islands

Hi, I am Maner. I am an I.T. executive based in New York City. This is the first time “again” that I am writing for Internet consumption. Since the boom of blogging in 2003, I have reserved this domain as a venue to put on my thoughts, basically opinions, on new technologies in different places and regions I visit mostly through my job. The times were tight in the past decade, but a moment of awakening this week pushed my to revive this little space in the world wide web universe. Setting serious work aside for this moment, I would like to welcome you to my blog!
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